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Frequently asked questions...

We get a lot of questions about the bail process. These listed here are the most common. We always encourage our clients to ask questions if they are unsure about any part of our service.

* We are not attorneys or lawyers. This is not legal advice. You should always speak to your attorney or public defender regarding your case specifically. The questions presented here are for educational purposes only. *

How long will it take for the defendant to 
   be released?
        Generally, the entire bail process will take 1-2 hours; 
      however, every jail is different. In Humboldt and Del
      Norte Counties, the defendant is usually released 
      within 30 minutes of the bond being posted.

When do I get my bail money back?
        Once the defendant has been released from the jail 
      on bond, the bail money has been earned by
      the bond company and; therefore, will not be returned 
      to the client. Each bail bond company is a private
      company that charges a fee for its services, much 
      like an attorney, doctor, or insurance providers.

Is there another way to get out of jail 
   without having to pay a bail agent?
        Yes. In California there are two options: 1) A friend or
      relative may give the jail cash equal to the full amount
      of the bail. Once the defendant has satisfied all of the
      courts requirements the money will be returned. 2)
      The defendant can wait in jail and go to
      court. Generally, the second court date will be the
      Bail/O.R. Hearing, where the court will discuss
      reducing the bail, raising the bail, or releasing the
      defendant on their own recognisance (O.R.).
      In California the court must have you in front of a
      judge within 72 business hours of the court.

Which attorney should I use?
        As a California Bail Agent, it is against the law to
      recommend any attorney. We recommend shopping
      around; prices, availability, and the services
      provided vary greatly. Make time to meet with
      attorneys for free consultations and ask for 
      references. Nobody is going to be more interested in
      your case than you.

Is there anything I can do to help my case?
        Yes. The top 3 recommendations are:
            1. SHOW UP TO COURT ON TIME
            3. ACT RESPECTFUL
        Additionally, court is no place for children, most 
        likely the child will annoy the judge (through no fault
        of their own), and you will have to appear before a
        cranky judge. Show some ambition - if you
        were arrested for drunk driving or drug possession,
        sign up for an AA (Alcolholics Anonymous), NA
        (Narcotics Anonymous), or a MADD (Mothers
        Against Drunk Driving) program and take proof of
        that commitment to court with you. If you were
        arrested for domestic violence or an assault
        charge, sign yourself up and attend an anger
        management program.
Venture Bail Bonds can 
        provide you with contacts for these programs if you
        are interested.

What is collateral and do I need it?
        Collateral is an asset pledged by the co-signer or
      defendant as security for the total bond amount.
      Collateral is not required for every bond. Generally, if 
      collateral is required it would be a piece of property
      (real estate) or a vehicle. The bail agent will require
      that the collateral be a least worth the full amount of
      the bail bond. THE COLLATERAL DOES NOT
      must still pay the 10% or 8% fee for bail.

I can't find my name on the court's docket 
   list to tell me what court room to be in, do
   I need to stay?
        Maybe. Many courts are notorious for making
      mistakes. There are several situations that can
      occur, by no fault of the defendants, which will cause
      your bond to be forfeited and make it look like you
      did not go to court.

            - If you can't find your name on the docket list - ask
             a bailiff (sometimes their lists differ from those

            - If the bailiff can't help you, go immediately to the
              court operations/administration window - ask
              them why your name is not on the list for a court
              room. They will either tell you that it was a
              mistake and your name was forgotten and they
              will give you a new court date or they will tell
              you that the District Attorney did not file on your
              case. If the D.A. did not file, you will not have
              another court date until the D.A. does file (if they
              ever do). Unfortunately, the D.A. reserves the
              right to file for up to months, or even years after
              your arrest. The D.A.'s office is suppose to send
              you a court date in the mail in the event they do
              file down the road, but if you have moved you
              may not receive this notification and a
              warrant will be put out for your arrest. 

            - In some cases your name will be on the docket 
              list and you will be present in the courtroom that 
              the list told you to be in; however, unbeknownst 
              to you , half of that courtroom's calendar was
              moved to a different courtroom. So while your
              being good, waiting for your name to be called
              in courtroom #1, the court has made a mistake
              and is calling your name in courtroom #4 where 
              they issue a failure to appear because you
              weren't there.

Venture Bail Bonds can help you with most of these types of situations and get you back on the court calendar.
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